Business Recovery & Expansion Bootcamp

October 12 to
October 19, 2021

Virtual Bootcamp Schedule: Registration for these sessions coming soon.

Week 2: Competitive analysis and sector viability

Online, October 5th Seminar: 2-4 p.m., October 7th Q&A

Week 3: Sales and Marketing Planning

Online, October 12th Seminar: 2-4 p.m., October 14th Q&A

Week 4: Launch Planning

Online, October 19th Seminar: 2-4 p.m., October 21st Q&A

Revitalize your business and create new sources of revenue for your business to thrive

The past 18 months have been struggle for even the most well funded businesses.

Consumer sentiment has shifted, the types of products they are purchasing has changed, and the methods of payment have shifted dramatically.

In an era where we used to count on last year’s historical information to guide us in making decisions, we are now finding those rules no longer apply.

How can we diversify our revenue streams, focused on our existing customers, as well as cultivating new ones given this new landscape?

Join Syama Meagher, CEO of Scaling Retail, in a four-week bootcamp to revitalize your business, create new sources of revenue and set up your business to thrive for years to come.

Please note: We will kick off the bootcamp online on Thursday, September 30th