10 Vegetarian Dishes in Coral Gables

Whether you’re committed to a vegetarian lifestyle or are working #meatlessmondays into your routine, there are plenty of options for satisfying, delicious, and diverse veggie-centric options in Downtown Coral Gables.

Here is a list of ten of our favorite vegetarian dishes available from Downtown Coral Gables’s restaurants and cafes:

Bangkok Bangkok: Spring Rolls & Vegetable Curry

Start your meal at this authentic Vietnamese restaurant with a crispy, delicious fried spring roll filled with vegetables and an assortment of dipping sauces from sweet to spicy. Then, order the Vegetable Curry also known as the “Vegetarian’s Special.”

Bellmont Spanish Restaurant: Vegetarian Tapas & Vegetarian Paella

Just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a spread of small, shareable tapas dishes at Bellmont Spanish Restaurant. Order the Croquetas Caseras made of spinach and manchego cheese, the Huevos Rotos, Patatas Bravas, and an Ensalada Campera for a bit of green on your table. Follow it up with a main course of Paella Vegeterania. This delectable paella is piled high with eggplant, piquillo peppers, green beans, zucchini and mushrooms over a bed of yellow rice paella style.

BurgerFi: VegeFi Burger or Vegan Beyond Burger

If you haven’t had the vegetarian burger at BurgerFi, you are missing out on not just a great veggie burger, but a great burger – period. The VegeFi Burger is a crispy quinoa-based patty with white cheddar and all the fixings you’d like. Lighten it up by ordering it on a lettuce bun or a multigrain bun.

Vegans will rejoice in knowing that there’s a burger option for them as well; order the Vegan Beyond Burger, a 100% plant-based burger from Beyond Meat and satisfy your burger craving at this cool fast-casual joint on Miracle Mile.

California Pizza Kitchen: Mexican Street Corn & California Veggie Pizza

You may be surprised to find an exceedingly vegetarian-friendly menu at California Pizza Kitchen. Note the green leaf that peppers the menu and you’ll know which dishes are fully vegetarian. Start with a Mexican Street Corn appetizer and move onto the California Veggie pizza for a well-rounded meal that will make you feel like you’re in San Diego for the evening.

Chocolate Fashion: Croissant & Greek Salad

Yes, a croissant is vegetarian, so go ahead and order up one of their perfect, flaky, buttery, pastries and then pair it with a fresh Greek Salad for a bit of balance. Finish with a cappuccino or an espresso for that bit of extra caffeine to get you through the afternoon. If you take a little chocolate treat with you for later, we support that too.

Giardino Gourmet Salads: Fizz Salad

The Fizz Salad at Giardino’s Gourmet Salads is the perfect fresh salad to for a springtime lunch break. This arugula and romaine salad is paired with strawberries, dried cranberries, blue cheese, berry vinaigrette and sweet bread croutons – the sweet touch from the berries is just what you need for a midweek lunch.

GreenLife Organic Bistro: Build Your Own Acai Bowl + Golden Milk

There’s nothing more satisfying than an acai bowl for breakfast (or lunch). Choose from organic acais fused with guarana or organic dragon fruit for a fruity bowl that will energize you and ready for whatever your day brings. If you haven’t tried their Golden Milk, a turmeric and spice blend with your choice of milk, we’d recommend adding one in to accompany your acai bowl.

La Dorada Restaurant: Ensalada de Lechuga a la Cordobesa + Gazpacho

At La Dorada, put an elegant Spanish spin on the classic soup and salad combination. Order the Ensalada de Lechuga a la Cordobesa, a baby bib lettuce salad with a warm vinaigrette and move onto a bowl of the signature Gazapacho Dorada; the perfect cool-down lunch order as we move into Miami’s hottest months.

MesaMar Seafood Table: Gorgonzola and Pear Ravioli

This seafood-focused menu isn’t focused on a vegetable-forward dining experience, but that doesn’t mean vegetarians won’t find something delicious on the menu – the Gorgonzola and Pear Ravioli accompanied with drizzled truffle oil is a must-try dish, vegetarian or not.

Stephanie’s Crepes: Protein Choco Nana Shake

Getting your protein is an important part of keeping a balanced vegetarian diet. Try the Protein Choco Nana Crepe at Stephanie’s Crepes, a small crepe shop tucked away on Galiano Street. This sweet crepe includes fresh bananas, dates, almond butter, choco protein, almond milk and a dash of salt for a balanced, non-artificially sweetened, meal replacement with protein – and chocolate. Yum!