9 Seafood Dishes To Order in Downtown Coral Gables

We are so close to the ocean here in Coral Gables, it’s no surprise that seafood cravings will kick in every once in a while. When you don’t have the option to catch your dinner for yourself, turn to these standout seafood dishes that you can find right here in Downtown Coral Gables’ restaurants daily. Most of these spots offer delivery and take-out services!

Corvina Al Limone from Amore Restaurant & Bar

Pair your fish with risotto for a meal that is both light and satisfying. The Corvina Al Limone is a refreshingly citrus-forward dish, slow-cooked and served with lemon risotto.

Little Big Man from Bangkok Bangkok

This whole fried snapper has regulars coming back again and again. All the fresh flavors of Thai food combines with the sumptuous local flaky white fish, make for a dish that has cult status.

Tuna Steak from Buenos Aires Bistro

There’s a new Argentine bistro in town. Go beyond steak and try their tuna steak, served with roasted jalapeños, avocado mousse, and citrus caramelized ginger with a glass of crisp white wine.

Arroz Caldoso from Bulla Gastrobar

Opting for seafood doesn’t have to mean opting out of anything; enjoy both seafood and chicken in this hearty rice dish with red sofrito and saffron in a portion big enough to share.

Red Snapper al Cartoccio at Caffe Abbracci

Al Cartoccio is a method for cooking fish in a parchment paper, ensuring that the flavors are sealed in as the fish steams into a delicate and flavorful dish. The Red Snapper al Cartoccio at Caffe Abbracci comes with a white wine reduction, touch of light tomato sauce, fresh herbs and bruschetta tomatoes.

Pulpo En Salsa Anticuchera at Divino Ceviche

One of the most popular dishes on the menu, these octopus skewers are seasoned with vinegar, cumin, garlic, and Peruvian panda chili and served over potatoes. It’s the perfect way to start your meal before digging into one of their specialty ceviche options.

Pole Caught Tuna Sandwich at Dr. Smood

For those who haven’t visited this new outpost yet at Dr. Smood, you should know before you go: the pole caught tuna sandwich is, by many accounts, the best thing on the menu. Now you know.

Neptuno Salad from Kae Sushi by Chef Landa

Can’t decide what seafood you’re in the mood for? The seaweed, tuna, salmon, scallion, tobiko, crab, hamachi, avocado salad topped with spicy mayo and ponzo has a bit of everything so that you don’t have to decide.

Lenguado Salvaje del Mediterraneo from La Dorada

Serving only the finest, highest quality of seafood, flown in fresh, La Dorada is somewhere you can trust the seafood. The Wild Mediterranean Dover Sole is a house specialty, but by no means is it the only stand out seafood dish on their menu.