3 Ways To Exercise In Coral Gables

If running isn’t your favorite type of exercise, don’t fret. There are other ways to get your sweat on without hitting the pavement with your sneakers. Downtown Coral Gables is full of various options to work out, so you are bound to find one that fits best for you.

Here are 3 different ways to get your fitness on in Downtown Coral Gables. Who said working out has to be boring? Stick to your healthy exercise resolutions with help from these fun and different local gym businesses.


Have you tried strapping on some boxing gloves yet? Boxing is a great way to not only get your heart rate up, but also improve your balance, strengthen your core, boost endurance and increase hand-eye coordination.

  • 9Round Fitness 72 Miracle Mile: Get in amazing shape with a fun and exciting 30-minute workout. 9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens. The programs consist of a proprietary system of nine challenging workout stations developed by a World Champion Kickboxer. Learn more here.
  • Legacy Fit 22 Merrick Way: Developed by Professional Athlete Trainer and Legacy Fit® founder, Manning Sumner, P.I.T.™ is a proven method of increasing success in reaching personal fitness goals. Enjoy a variety of exercise options at this community-style gym while also partaking in traditional boxing rounds with a twist. Learn more on their website here.


Maybe you prefer to get your workout done in the water. Working out in water is a great way to do cardio while improving strength and flexibility, increasing blood circulation, healing muscles and losing weight. It is also an efficient, low-impact option to exercise while being gentle on your joints.

  • Ocaquatics 59 Merrick Way: offers swimming opportunities in indoor, warm water pools (no need to freeze in winter!). Learn to swim or join a swimming team in a safe, controlled environment right in Downtown Coral Gables. Learn more here.
  • WaterBiking Studio Miami 59 Merrick Way: Aqua Biking provides an exceptional athletic experience that is both physically invigorating and a whole lot of fun. Join the splashy new fitness club! Learn more at their website here.


Pilates has many health benefits such as improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone (especially in the core), better balance and greater muscle control. Lengthen and expand your muscles with a Pilates workout in Downtown Coral Gables at one of our many studios.

  • Club Pilates 77 Miracle Mile: These studios offer low-impact, full-body workouts with a variety of classes that challenge your mind as well as your body. Learn more here.
  • Pilates Strong Studio 320 Miracle Mile: Located in the heart of Coral Gables on Miracle Mile, Pilates Strong Studio is a boutique, contemporary Pilates studio focused on small group fitness and private training. Read more on their website here.
  • PILATESPLATE Miami 2333 Ponce De Leon Blvd: Condition your entire body from the inside out with fitness classes that strengthens and stretches simultaneously with an emphasis on the core. Benefits include weight loss utilizing Power Plate and Pilates Reformer. Learn more here.