9Round Fitness Opens in Coral Gables

Spinning, yoga, pilates, you’ve tried them all and you’re still not quite seeing the results you envision? A kickboxing class might be the final push you’ve been looking for. Give it a go at 9Round Fitness located at 72 Miracle Mile.

Fitness gurus swear by the effects of boxing on the body. The added benefit of letting out a bit of steam on a punching bag can’t be bad for the mind.

9Round Fitness makes it easy and convenient for you to finally get around to giving boxing a try right here in Downtown Coral Gables.

Unlike other fitness classes, there are no set times for this workout, you just pop in when you’re ready – even if that’s an off time like 4:12 PM – and work with a trainer who will set you up with hand wraps, heart rate training and give you a routine for your fitness level. Every three minutes you’ll move to a new station and in just 30 minutes you’ll work out your full body.

A bit more about that heart rate training: with the wearable technology, you’ll be able to track your progress and strategically slow down or speed up based on your goals. Easy-to-read monitors in the gym let you glance up and know what to do. If you have a competitive edge, it’s easy to compare yourself to your neighbor’s tracking on the display, if you’re more or in your head, stay in your own zone and focus on your numbers alone. The instant gratification of knowing that you’re right in the fat burning zone should be enough to keep you fighting through to the next station – after 9 rounds of stations, you’re done with the 9Round workout.

Once you’re hooked, you won’t get bored; 9Round Fitness changes their workouts daily so you’ll be learning new skills and moves every time you visit. Stop by today to find out why 9Round Fitness has found success in Australia, Costa Rica, India, Japan, Lebanon, Singapore and now Coral Gables!

An added perk? You’ll have access to the 9Round Nutritional Guidance, so that you can start the New Year with a better, more holistic guide to health, wellness, fitness and feeling good.