Arsht On The Road Comes to Coral Gables

The Arsht Center takes the arts on the road!

You may have noticed that the Arsht Center has appeared in Downtown Coral Gables with a few pop-up performances, thanks to their new community initiative Arsht on the Road.

As part of our new “Under the Sky” campaign in Downtown Coral Gables, we’ve worked with the Arsht Center to provide entertaining performances for free to our visitors in the area.

So far, we’ve had an amazing circus act contortionist perform right in the center of Giralda Plaza during lunch hour. Many of the spectators who came to watch brought their little ones of the family to enjoy the show. There’s no better way to spend a beautiful Spring day!

Arsht on the Road also provided a jazz band trio to add some music on Miracle Mile. They played for an hour in front of The Gramercy to those dining and walking by.

Next up, there will be a juggler going up and down Giralda Plaza showing off his skills on April 17th. Stay tuned!

Arsht on the Road launched in October 2020 in an effort to connect the community to the arts at a time when it was really challenging for arts lovers to come to the Center. Downtown Coral Gables is the perfect location for the Arsht Center to showcase their talent and provide free entertainment to our community.

This program also gives the Arsht Center the opportunity to support and put a spotlight on Miami’s diverse group of talented artists while providing moments of joy to people all across the Magic City. We couldn’t agree more!

To see when Arsht on the Road will be in Downtown Coral Gables next, visit here.