Arts in Downtown Coral Gables

Downtown Coral Gables is a thriving community that is always learning, growing, and sharing it’s great cultural happenings at any time of year. Here are some enriching happenings in our City Beautiful within our art community.

The Coral Gables Art Cinema is South Florida’s premier nonprofit cinema for the best independent, foreign, and cult classic films digitally restored and on 35mm and 70mm cinema screen. Their Gables Cinema Drive-In offers a wide range of old Hollywood classics from Romantic Comedies to Thrillers, it’s a drive-in experience like no other. Their Virtual Screening Room is where they’ve partnered with several distributors to bring some of the great programming they’re known for directly to your home!

Looking for a new way to see the City Beautiful? Check out the latest exhibits from the Coral Gables Museum. The Museum’s mission is to celebrate, investigate and explore the civic arts of architecture and urban and environmental design, including fostering an appreciation for the history, vision, and cultural landscape of Coral Gables; promoting beauty and planning as well as historic and environmental preservation for a broad audience, including children, families, and community members, as well as local, regional, national and international visitors.

Have you ever seen a play on the Actors’ Playhouse stage? This stalwart theater features a year-round calendar of musicals, dramas & children’s programs.

Maybe you prefer culture in a literary form. Enter Books & Books. This celebrated bookshop offers a wide range of titles in a polished wood venue, with a courtyard & cafe. They also have a weekly podcast called The Literary Life with Mitchell Kaplan that’s loaded with conversations between Books & Books owner Mitchell Kaplan and inspiring and captivating authors. His recent talks include a discussion with Investigative journalist Gerald Posner, Dominican author Julia Alvarez, author Nick Flynn, and so many more! You find and listen to these podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and iHeartRadio.

Downtown Coral Gables is home to a public art installation by world renown artist Hank Willis Thomas. The installation of “The truth is I welcome you” invites us to approach our different perspectives on truth with a new sense of understanding. This public art will be on display along Miracle Mile, alluring visitors from all over the globe to come together through art in the City Beautiful.

Overhead, speech bubble signs on Miracle Mile light posts will feature messages of truths translated into 22 languages from around the world. Each sign will contain a line from the poem the truth is i am you written by Hank Willis Thomas and Ryan Alexiev. The phrases of the poem showcase universal statements about the human condition and the translations communicate the essence of each English statement, as opposed to a direct interpretation. The work is activated by pedestrians who appear as if they are issuing the phrases by intentionally standing underneath them or by appearing underneath them to the perspective of others.

There is also another permanent public art installation on Giralda Plaza, featuring spherical shapes of sculptures that remind us of living and breathing pieces of coral and sea organisms of the underwater world. “Coral Forest” and “Secret of the Seas” are hand-sculpted white Italian Carrara marble pieces by artist Sibylle Pasche.

“Coral Forest” is a group of three sculptures marking the east entrance of Giralda Plaza while “Secret of the Seas” is a solitary sculpture at the west entrance. The organic shapes of the sculptures remind us of living and breathing pieces of coral and sea organisms of the underwater world. They reflect the circular motion of the pavement pattern and are inspired by the earthy colors and outlines in the sand, the ocean and the Florida skies with its typical summer afternoon rainfalls. This contemporary artwork complements the sophisticated character of the entirely renewed area of the historical center of Coral Gables.