Business Spotlight: Dr. Smood

If you haven’t heard the healthiest cafe in Miami has opened in Downtown Coral Gables and we’re here to tell you all about it. The very popular Dr. Smood cafe has brought their ridiculously delicious and incredibly healthy food and smoodies to Downtown Coral Gables. This brand is fully invested in bringing you the best and healthiest ingredients known to mankind. If you’re looking to truly #treatyourself then we have the right place for you.

Dr. Smood was founded by the message that “food should be helpful and healthful – never harmful. Organic wholesome foods have great levels of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients while limiting exposure to pesticides. They keep our bodies healthy, and are helpful for those with allergies to certain foods, chemicals, or preservatives.” Founders of Dr. Smood know that it’s important to trust your gut and balance your microbiome to improve your health, and who doesn’t want to be healthy? With the knowledge that different types of microbes live in our abdomens, gut-friendly foods can seriously help our bodies reduce inflammatory diseases and improve the overall health of our gut which of course helps the rest of our bodies.

Dr. Smood brings you the gut-friendly, natural foods that are mostly plant-based and have lots of probiotic and prebiotic foods like berries, dates and figs. These foods help to starve the bad bacteria in our bodies and feed the good ones.

Their food options are endless and bring you everything from breakfast, avocado toasts, sandwiches, juices, salads, wraps, hot bowls, soups, meals, and so much more! Every food and drink is scientifically balanced to bring you food you know is the healthiest it can be and the tastiest. It’s good food for a good mood.

For families looking to improve their healthy lifestyles, Coral Gables is always the perfect place to live out that lifestyle. With cafes like Dr. Smood and walkable and exercise worthy streets, you get great food and a beautiful view for your workout all here in downtown. Stop by their store during your next Day in the Gables and experience their clean, minimalist and relaxing vibe that helps you live the life you want. At their new Coral Gables location be the first to experience their brand new menu! Give them your honest feedback and help them mold the future of fresh and yummy food.

They have a clear vision of wanting to be the healthiest cafe concept ever. To them, food is the new healthcare and bringing all that goodness to Downtown Coral Gables is something everyone’s excited about. Looking to try them out over your nest work lunch or enjoy their meals for your family dinner? Their catering program is ready for you. Stop by their cafe at 271 Giralda Avenue or order online on their website here!