Business Spotlight: The Great Escape Room

You’ve likely heard the buzz about escape rooms – the mystery, the teamwork, the laughs! Maybe you didn’t make it to The Great Coral Gables Scavenger Hunt, where the Coral Gables Business Improvement District partnered with our local escape room, The Great Escape Room Miami, for a day of tracking down clues. It’s not too late to jump on board the trend that’s swept the country and experience it for yourself – or to come back for a second, third or fourth time!

The Great Escape Room Miami is an interactive, immersive activity enjoyable by kids and adults alike. You’ll find a challenging series of puzzles to unlock about four different rooms with different mysteries and themes. For the newbies, Sherlock Holmes’ Study (the command center for the nuclear missile program has been compromised and your help is needed!) and Professor Moriarty’s Game Room (only 44% of people succeed at escaping and helping Sherlock Holmes outsmart Professor Moriarty) and then come back for an additional challenge at The President’s Bunker (you’re on lockdown and preventing Armageddon is on you and your team!) and bring the little sleuths to the new, kid focused room, Sherlock Junior, perfect for kids aged 6 – 10. No matter the room, you’ll be absorbing loads of history while working out your brain and having a great time guided by the game master in the room to guide you through the experience.

The Great Escape Room boasts the largest escape rooms in South Florida and they are veterans on the scene, they’ve had people scratching their heads since 2014.

This evening of activity and high energy thinking makes for the perfect date night! Have a nice dinner to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses a bit more at one of Downtown Coral Gables’ many restaurants and then head over to work as a team to save the country at The Great Escape Room Miami. Then, you can go grab a glass of wine or a cocktail and you’ll have endless fodder for conversation about what you just experienced together.

Everything is taken care of when you host your event at The Great Escape Room Miami. There’s no mystery to it; the venue, catering and entertainment are all professionally handled so that you can enjoy your event whether its a corporate event, team building activity, a birthday or just a celebration with friends. Their flexible team is happy to accommodate requests outside of regular hours. They’ve really thought of it all – if you work with a nonprofit or have a cause you care about, The Great Escape Room will partner with you on a giveback event that makes fundraising easy and fun!

The Great Escape Room Miami is an escape from the ordinary, the perfect way to lose yourself for an evening. just check out their exceptional reviews if you need a bit more convincing to give it a go and enjoy the mystery!