Everything You Need to Know About Phase 1 of Coral Gables Opening

Last updated 5/20/2020 1:25pm

Good news! The City of Coral Gables is excited to be opening for Phase 1! You might be wondering what Phase 1 will look like and what’s expected. In order to have the most smooth reopening process here’s everything you need to know about Phase 1 of reopening in Downtown Coral Gables.

The City of Coral Gables is opening and allowing for a limited reopening of the local economy with conditions. Coral Gables will begin opening its local economy through a monitored, responsible, and strategic opening of specific businesses at a time with strict safety guidelines. As of Monday, May 18th, retail, office, non-profit museums, public gardens, galleries, and personal grooming establishments are allowed to open! On Wednesday, May 20th, restaurants will be open too! You can finally step out of your house and enjoy a little bit of normalcy as long as you wear your protective face mask and maintain 6 feet social distancing.

Please note that Gyms/Fitness Centers and Theaters are not included in Phase 1 so sorry fitness buffs and yogis. Your time will soon come. For all the allowed open establishments, they are required to maintain the health protocols to protect the public’s health and safety as well as that of all employees and residents. To make things crystal clear, here are the standards outlined in the Miami-Dade County handbook titled The New Normal which you can find here.

All customers of these establishments must wear a face mask and keep a 6-foot distance from other individuals or family groups. No messing around. We have all been able to do our part in keeping ourselves and each other safe. Let’s not stop now. To make sure you’re following the rules and are having the most protected Downtown experience, please check with each business you plan on visiting before you stop by for their specific protocols. It’s best to find out if they’ll be allowing open visits or only taking visits by appointment only. Also you’ll want to make sure you’re stopping by when they’re open. Sneak a peek at their website, social media, or call in to confirm if they’re offering specials hours. Want to feel secure about where you’re eating? Ask them what their sanitation requirements are and they’ll be more than happy to reassure you.

Want to learn more? For the City of Coral Gables’ Emergency Order please click here and for the Miami-Dade County Emergency Order please click here.

We know times are tough but we’re all in this together! As we wait for our “new normal” your Downtown Coral Gables, as always, is here for you. Get out and take a break from staying inside. Take the opportunity to experience a little bit of “normal” and support local in person. For ways to support your local businesses and for great tips on how to spend your time in Downtown wisely, check out our Features Page for articles to keep you thriving.

Downtown Coral Gables, it’s businesses and residents thank you for your cooperation.