Find the Perfect Jewelry in Downtown Coral Gables

As Coral Gables’ wellness month continues, the centuries-old wisdom of gemstones’ healing and ayurvedic qualities come to life in jewelry stores throughout Downtown Coral Gables.

Nothing feels as cool during the humid days of August than beautifully designed precious metals (gold, platinum, and silver) and gemstones against your skin. Adorning oneself in healing stones is an ancient practice, and the jewelers of Coral Gables will present these jewels in every setting imaginable.

Known for their “compassionate quality,” Snow Jewelers has graced Miracle Mile for three generations, and their GIA certified gemologists will select your perfect stone. Diamonds are not only a “girl’s best friend,” they exude strength and inspire loving energy, respect, unconditional love, and boundless energy to the wearer. (At Snow’s, there are hundreds of high quality diamonds set in gold, which according to the practice of Ayurveda, will bring positive energy into your life). Stop in and chat with the Snows and they will redesign, repair, or appraise your jewels while sharing a little history of the City Beautiful with you.

Get your Zodiac sign on – around your wrist if you please – at Jae’s Fine Jewelers, who have seen Coral Gables grow and expand since 1945.  The power of knowing and understanding your horoscope and sign is essential to some and just plain fun for others. A stunning pendant with a rose quartz stone will bring inner healing, peace, calm, and reassurance to the wearer. If you are a Taurus, you may feel a particular pull dragging you towards Jae’s stunning Rose Quartz Beaded Necklace, and that would be natural because it is your birthstone. Rose quartz’s other outstanding, energetic qualities include joy and hope, the essence of love that heals the heart and root chakras, bringing peace, unconditional love, and strength. If your soul is seeking wisdom and self-expression, try the feel of Jae’s stunning lapis lazuli bead necklace.

A bevy of sapphires in a rainbow of colors channel set in rings or earrings at Gables Gems is just one of many multi-colored options to charge your energy and inspire your heart.  Diamonds here are set in warm rose gold – a precious metal imbued with the power to regulate one’s nervous system or so it’s rumored.

Seven generations of a family descended from watch sellers and jewelers from Austria are rising strongly through Beau Hequin, who runs Morays Jewelers.  Despite time spelled out digitally on every device we own, there’s something so elegant, precise, and warm to the wrist when one sports a fine timepiece, whether new or pre-owned Rolex, Tag Heuer, or Bvlgari. Shopping for gemstones is a snap at Morays with the resplendent designs of Marco Bicego featuring earrings of topaz and amethyst in the Jaipur Collection.  A collaboration between intuition and insight, amethyst opens the connection between the wearer and their best possible self.

Regent Jewelers‘ “Words to Live By – Treat Everyone with respect, appreciation and dignity,” are inspirational and rock solid where one can find Burma Rubies (rubies are considered among the most powerful gems because of its high energy), Colombian Emeralds, Ceylon Sapphires, and gems from all corners of the earth, not to mention diamonds galore shine and sparkle in new and vintage settings bringing joy and strength to the lucky wearer.