Giant Sofa Brings Inside Outside in Coral Gables

For the past four years, residents and visitors have relaxed on the sculpture, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” a 30-foot long and four-feet high coral rock sofa under the shade of a huge banyan tree. It’s an unexpected place to find a seat outdoors that reminds us of indoor furniture.


Located a few blocks from Downtown at Balboa Plaza, 2414 DeSoto Boulevard, the sofa was the first donation from a developer to the City of Coral Gables under the Art in Public Places, Public Art in Private Development program. MG Developer Miami LLC commissioned the work from R&R Studios in 2016, and it was installed in late 2018.


Not just a sofa, the sculpture also includes 14-foot tall lamps at each side that are lit at night, so dreaming the “Dream” after sunset is different than during bright daylight.  A coral carpet of inlaid terrazzo has recently been added bringing the final touch to this outdoor ‘living room’.



Artists Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt of R & R Studios have created landmark projects in Miami, Denver, Austin, and Phoenix. They say, “the oversized piece is sudden and wondrous, at once real and fantastic, familiar and unprecedented, bringing a slice of domesticity in a public park. The artwork invites us to converse, experience a moment of repose or wait for a friend. Together with the two lamps we are reminded of home.”


“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is one of 17 public art projects acquired by Coral Gables since 2012. We will look at another of these projects in the Business District (BID) in a future post. Till then, make sure you curl up on the sofa and experience your favorite ‘Dream’.