Grab an Apron and Get Cooking!

Ditch your usual weekend plans for a fun and out-of-the ordinary activity: a cooking class!

Cooking classes provide a hands-on teaching and cooking demonstration in one-on-one or small group settings and are tailored to empower your inner culinary genius. Whether you’re an experienced chef or beginner, there are cooking classes for every level and interest.

Participating in a cooking class is both a fun and educational activity because food is something we can all relate to and apply in our lives. It is also a great way of learning more about the world that we live in and the many different types of cuisines in it.

Whether you’re interested in having a good time, improving your cooking skills, meeting new people or gift a class for a foodie friend here is a list of places to consider during your search:

Aragon 101 is a home décor boutique and cooking school located in 101 Aragon Avenue. Celebrating its sixth year anniversary, Aragon 101 believes entertaining is an art, simplicity is a luxury and taste matters. Join them for a culinary experience unlike no other. There are a variety of adult cooking classes which can be found listed on their online schedule, but here are a few classes to keep an eye out for: Lebanese Kitchen, Seafood Harvest and Thanksgiving Bootcamp

Additionally, Aragon 101 offers a series of classes for teenagers. Their Junior Chef Cooking Series are geared towards teens, ages 11 to 17, that are passionate about cooking and interested in acquiring serious culinary techniques! During each class teens explore a variety of flavors, with an emphasis on developing healthy eating habits, learning new techniques and encouraging creativity in the kitchen. Be sure to make reservations early because sessions sell out quickly!

Ortanique on the Mile is a family owned Caribbean fine dining restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Coral Gables. The restaurant’s food is soulful, delicious and crafted by cooks who are proud to present their art. Spearheaded by owner and head chef, Cindy Hutson, Ortanique on the Mile has been open for more than 17 years and is praised by, both, the local and international community. All the dishes on their menus are prepared with the best fresh ingredients, including seasonal boat fish and certified Angus beef. This island paradise can be found at 278 Miracle Mile.

But, why only be a patron? Instead, also learn how to prepare some of Chef Cindy’s favorite dishes by participating in one of Ortanique’s monthly interactive cooking class lead by the award-winning Chef herself! Classes take place on Saturday mornings, include a 3-course meal with wine pairing and are limited to 24 participants. For details contact 305-446-7710 or email ashley@ortaniquerestaurants.com.

Remember, cooking classes are a fun way of learning how to prepare new dishes, interacting with fellow foodies and having a good time. All you have to do is bring a willingness to learn and try new things!

This list features some of the businesses that offer cooking classes. If you are a BID member and would like to be featured please email info@shopcoralgables.com.