Have you ridden the Freebee?

For a few years now, you may have seen the Freebees zipping around Downtown Coral Gables as they transport people across town.

But did you know the Freebees are totally free to use?

Thanks to a partnership between the City of Coral Gables and Freebee, you can easily catch a quick ride around Downtown Coral Gables. This green, 6-seat transportation service offers free door-to-door rides around your favorite destinations in the area.

In celebration of Earth Day this month, try taking a Freebee to your next spot instead of driving or using a gas-powered vehicle.

The average wait time for a Freebee is under 10 minutes and it will pick you up exactly where you are in Downtown Coral Gables (no need to walk around the corner or be stuck waiting in the sun!).

You can easily park your car in one garage and commute all around town with the convenience of a Freebee. No need to drive around, search for a parking spot and pay for extra parking!

Another fun fact: The Freebee app also offers exclusive and unique offers by local businesses in Downtown Coral Gables. You may score some deals just by using the app.

How to book a Freebee ride:

Friendly drivers in sleek electric vehicles are on the street from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. All you need to do is request this service on your smart phone through the Ride Freebee app following these easy steps:

1) Download the app at www.ridefreebee.com
2) Use the app to Request a Ride
3) Select your Destination
4) Confirm your Pickup, and
5) Enjoy the Ride!

Take advantage of this free service as you explore our Downtown shops and restaurants.

Learn more about Freebee at their website here.