Healthy Lunch in Downtown Coral Gables

A healthy lunch is the fuel you need to keep you going midday, plus a coffee, of course. Luckily, in Downtown Coral Gables there’s an endless selection of healthy lunch spots whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a place to take a load off from the busy work day, a nice restaurant for meeting friends and catching up or just something takeaway but still good for you.

Here’s a quick rundown of health-focused places along with a recommendation of a healthy lunch dish to make it easy next time you’re trying to decide where to get that healthy, satisfying and delicious, lunch!

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar

Don’t just head into Crema, located below Hotel Colonnade on Aragon and Miracle Mile, when you’re crashing for caffeine, it’s also a great place for a healthy lunch. Whether you’re on the go, or have time to sit outside at their cozy bistro tables, this sunny cafe serves smoothies, sandwiches, salads, and soups. For an extra healthy combination, we’d recommend the Arugula salad with quinoa, chickpeas, avocado, roasted chicken and olive oil vinaigrette.

Divino Ceviche

Peruvian food is a healthy, fresh cuisine that is generally gluten-free friendly and steers you away from anything with added sugar or too carb heavy (for the most part). A nice, bright ceviche from Divino Ceviche, like the Ceviche Traditional, fresh fish marinated lightly in lime juice and seasoned with Peruvian limo chili, fresh cilantro, and onion garnished with a sweet potato is the perfect lunch for a health-conscious diner. 

Giardino Gourmet Salads

A salad, especially on a hot summer day in Miami, can do wonders for the body. Salad enthusiasts love Giardino for the endless options and combinations. Pick one of their menu salads, like the Thai Thai (romaine, iceberg, red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts, cashews, spice peanut dressing and herb parmesan croutons) or create your own delicious combination to match with your healthy lifestyle, like a paleo-friendly, gluten-free or vegan custom salad.

Greenlife Organic Bistro

Pre-workout, you need a protein packed lunch – that’s where the Build Your Own Protein Bowl from Greenlife Organic Bistro on Giralda comes in. Choose your base and add protein, veggies and a sauce on the side plus pair it with a cup of their daily vegan soup and you’ll be prepared fro even the sweatiest, toughest work out in town.


If it’s artichoke season at Hillstone (you’ll have to call and ask it if is), a healthy eater on Coral Gables shouldn’t miss this signature, seasonal dish while it lasts. The grilled artichoke plate comes with three chokes, more than enough to fill you up when paired with a fresh sushi roll for a lunch that is as tasty as it is healthy.

My Ceviche

It basically goes without saying that you can get ceviche at My Ceviche; devotees of the local chain are addicted to the combinations of fish, shrimp, and octopus served over quinoa, lettuce or jasmine rice. If seafood isn’t your thing, don’t be scared of MyCeviche, you can also order a healthy, flavor-packed bowl or salad with grilled chicken and all the same delicious, slimming toppings like pickled onions, edamame, tomatoes, sweet potato and more.

Ortanique On The Mile

Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to compromise on experience or quality of cuisine. Enter: Ortanique, the

This Miracle Mile staple has long attracted foodies to their signature Taste of the Sun cuisine. Stay healthy while enjoying this delightful, perfectly-Miami blend of signature Caribbean influences. Dig into a West Indian Cornish Game Hen marinated in traditional jerked spices topped with a piquant brown stew or a healthy and hearty West Indian Style Bouillabaisse with diver scallop, Mediterranean mussels, middle neck clams, Key West shrimp, group and salmon with aromatic jasmine rice in a coconut curried broth.

Seasons 52

At Seasons 52, staying on track with your healthy eating is easy since they list the calories right there on the menu so you can balance your starter with your main and still stay the course! Consider the jumbo lump crab cake, just 300 calories, along with the California Golden Beets, served with goat cheese, toasted pistachios and micro basil and still clocking in at under 200 calories.

This article only includes a selection of Downtown Coral Gables businesses, to find other restaurants or health-focused places please refer to our full directory.