Nailed It: Where to Get the Perfect Nails in Downtown Coral Gables

For many, getting your nails done is a crucial part of one’s beauty routine. Luckily, here in Downtown Coral Gables, we are blessed to have so many incredible options. Depending on what you’re looking for, each salon offers different prices, services, and aesthetics.

For the classic nails: Icon Nails Spa

Icon Nails is your trusted local nail spa. They offer all nail services such as manicure, pedicure, dip powder, gel polish, and acrylic sets. If you are looking to add some fun nail art, Icon has that as an option as well. They are always consistent and leave your nails looking clean and fabulous!

345 Aragon Ave

For the organic nails: GLOSS Naturals Nail Bar

GLOSS Nail Bar has one mission and it’s to prove that you can still use organic products on your nails effectively. Their products are made with non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free, and organic ingredients that will leave your nails feeling healthy and free from toxic ingredients.

214 Andalusia Ave

For the luxury nails: Portfolio Salon

If you are looking to treat yourself to a luxury spa mani/pedi day, book an appointment at Portfolio Salon. The spa manicure is $40 and the spa pedicure is $60, but you will leave feeling extra relaxed with your nails clean and painted!

281 Miracle Mile

For the quick, but efficient nails: BNT Nails

BNT Nails will have you in and out in no time! They have been known for getting the job done fast, but making their customers leave happy. That is why they have become a neighborhood go-to. Walk-ins are always welcome, however, appointments are recommended.

137 Aragon Ave

For men’s nails: ManKind Grooming & Services

ManKind is not just for barber services. They also offer a “not so girl” manicure for men, a pedicure, and paraffin. Experience getting your nails groomed where you can also sit back, drink a beer, smoke a cigar, and play some billiards.

290 Aragon Ave