New Year Fitness Round Up

With the new year around the corner and a new decade, it’s time to try something new in your fitness routine! The new year is always full of healthful energy and fitness goals. In Downtown Coral Gables there are many ways to help you sweat.

We’ll make it easy for you. In this article, we’ll highlight the different ways to work out in Downtown Coral Gables by type of workout. Scroll right down and pick something that seems up your alley, whether it’s something you’re already in the routine of doing or a totally new kind of exercise you want to try!


9Round Fitness is your kickboxing go-to in Coral Gables. If you need somewhere that doesn’t have a class schedule and is hyper-flexible so that you can pop in and get your heart rate up at your convenience, this is it. 9Round Fitness uses personalized heart rate training so that you know you’re in your target zone during your 30-minute workout.

Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp takes a holistic approach to getting in shape.

You’ll benefit from check-ins with trainers for performance and nutrition advice as well as regular 700 calorie-burning boot camps – in just 45 minutes. Get ready for a fun, community-driven environment where high fives are expected and new friends are an added perk.


If Pilates is your thing (or you want it to become your thing!) Coral Gables is the place for you. You’ll have a variety of studios to choose from, each with their own techniques, style, and mood.

Club Pilates, on Miracle Mile, offers four levels of classes include half-levels so that you’re comfortable moving up in intensity. At Pilates ProWorks, the class is made for those who are looking for a whole-body workout without the high impact of other kinds of classes; it may be low impact, but you will sweat on their FitFormer machine. At Pilates Strong Studio, these boutique classes cater to a clientele who like personalized attention. They also offer Power Plate and TRX classes through Pilates Plate, their other program, so that you can switch things up every once in a while.

Gym & Classes

If you’re looking for a gym experience that doesn’t leave you alone to figure out what to do – there are a few options for you in Coral Gables where guided, group workouts will make sure you’re using the most of your time.

At Orangetheory, a mix of science, coaching, and technology come together for an effective workout that’s earned it a cult following. TruFusion offers 240 classes a week in 65 different styles, so there is something that will work for you. Rotate between classes to Stretch & Restore, Burn & Condition, or Tone & Sculpt. Legacy Fit takes a “no days off” philosophy to their approach. You’ll alternate between high-intensity training and resistance training to produce an afterburner that will keep you burning fat for up to 21 hours post-workout.