New Year’s Guide to your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year and a new decade and with such a time as this many get ready for change. Something new, something fresh. With new year’s resolutions still high on our priority list Downtown Coral Gables is here to help you stick to them all year long. Here’s a handy guide to sticking to the five most popular new year’s resolutions.

1.) Get in Shape

We’ve all heard this one more than a hundred times, but staying fit has always consistently been a strong desire for people everywhere. With so many incredible gyms and focused fitness groups in Downtown Coral Gables you’ll definitely find a gym you love and a schedule you can stick you. Check out our New Year’s Fitness Round Up for all the best fitness gyms and programs around town.

2.) Pick up new Skills and Hobbies

With so many wonderful things to learn in the world, there is something for everyone to master in Downtown Coral Gables. If it’s learning a new language, traveling and exploring different cultures, or tasting the finest wines from around the world, check out how you can have boundless International Experiences with this blog all located here in Downtown!

3.) More self-care and self-love

We all need a little more TLC for ourselves every now and then, and finding a rhythm that works for you to best maintain this practice is imperative. Luckily, in Downtown Coral Gables there are so many great spas and salons available to you. Keeping up with this new year’s resolution will finally be a breeze. Blow-dry salons, mani-pedi specialists, massage masters… you can find them all with this directory. The spas and salons of Downtown Coral Gables are ready to keep you and your resolution in line for 2020.

4.) Read More

It’s no secret reading grows and strengthens the mind. If your new year’s resolution is to fill your mind with knowledge and take your understanding of things, and the world, to the next level, then you might be looking for a stellar bookstore like our very own Books & Books or Barnes and Noble. With books quite literally stacked up to the ceiling, explore and wander in an ocean of printed wisdom.  Keep learning and growing with special deals on books every week and visit the store for many meet-and-greets with visiting authors.

5.) More Time with Family and Friends

Last, but never least, time with family and friends is the new year’s resolution that has been consistent for ages. Downtown Coral Gables is built off of community and grows because of community. The Business Improvement District of Coral Gables is always happy to support this fine new year’s resolution throughout the year, and every year, with countless family-focused events and environments built to foster friendships and good times. To keep this new year’s resolution thriving for years and years to come check out the ShopCoralGables Events page for all special and dedicated Downtown Coral Gables events!