Relaxation Roundup: Massages and More in Downtown Coral Gables

These past few months have been an especially stressful time for everyone. What’s better than a relaxing massage to forget about all of your worries? Take a trip to Downtown Coral Gables and treat yourself or a loved one to a much needed spa day.

Whether you are looking for a deep tissue fix or a quick foot massage, these locations have got you covered and will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed.


This 1940’s New York-themed barbershop will make you want to stay and get “man-pered” as they call it. Not only is RAZZLEDAZZLE a barbershop, but they also offer tempting enhancements. Stop in for a quick and relaxing foot massage or stay for a 20-minute pampering massage and get a haircut while you’re at it.

392 Miracle Mile

ManKind Grooming & Services

In addition to their grooming services, ManKind offers a full 60-minute massage with your choice of getting a deep tissue, Swedish, or hot stone massage. Where else can you get a relaxing massage and drink craft beer, fine wine, smoke cigars, and play billiards? It’s all about the unique experiences at ManKind.

290 Aragon Ave

Massage Envy

Massage Envy promotes a personalized experience with every massage given. Create your own experience by choosing between a 60 or 90-minute massage and have it focus on any issues you are having, such as lower back pain. Or you can just focus on relaxation! Whatever you want, just let them know so they can accurately prepare for your unique massage. You also get to pick which areas of the body you would like them to focus on and the amount of pressure you would like them to give. Massage Envy believes communication and relaxation is the key to a perfect massage.

256 Miracle Mile

Golden Foot Massage & Spa

Although Golden Foot Massage also offers full-body massages, it’s all in the name. They are most known for their foot massages. Sometimes you just want to put your feet up and relax. It’s quick and another great option to enjoy in Downtown Coral Gables.

2500 Douglas Rd

Snap Crack

While this is not your traditional massage with relaxing music and essential oils, Snap Crack is the place to go if you’re having major back pain. For $29, you can see a chiropractor and they will crack your back, use the drop table, or use the click method to align your body.

95 Andalusia Ave

Relax the Back

Don’t have time to lie down and get a massage? Then invest in a massage chair at Relax the Back! Relax the Back sells quality massage chairs that will improve your day-to-day life and get rid of stress and pain. This Downtown Coral Gables shop will change the way you sit and give you access to a massage in the comfort of your own home with the touch of a button.

212 Miracle Mile