Signature Tea Beverages in Coral Gables

Tea is a comforting treat to savor at any time of the day. Whether you’re starting your day, taking a break, or rounding out a delicious meal at one of our Miracle Mile restaurants, a cup of tea can help you to sink into the moment and slow down a bit and enjoy Downtown Coral Gables.

Inside 205 Aragon is Downtown Coral Gables’ very own bit of tea heaven at Small Tea. This tea-focused cafe features a global selection of the world’s best teas in a space that feels like a modern nod to a tea sanctuary. The clean lines and high-end finishings complement their elevated take on tea. Enjoy an appetizer like Salmon Tartare or a nice sandwich like the Brie & Green Apple with your cup of tea. Start by getting to know their nine categories including Ayderveda, Chai, Mate, Herbal and more. If this all sounds a bit intimidating, have no fear, their staff is there to guide you through the process and pick the perfect tea for your mood.


Over at AdLib they have a nearly exhaustively long wine list and a carefully crafted menu of signature cocktails but you would be missing out not to end your dinner with a cup of tea as well. They have a lovely selection of Hojicha Green (a Japanese green roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal), Darjeeling 2nd Flush (Darjeeling picked in the second season or “flush”), Lapsang Souchong (a Chinese smoked black tea), Four Seasons Oolong Tea (a Taiwanese tea that is partially oxidized) and a Lavender Mint (a nice floral and herbal combination). Any of these, paired with their Strawberry Pavlova or Bittersweet Chocolate Tart, sound like the perfect way to end a meal at this new foodie favorite in Coral Gables.


At our local coffee shops Starbucks, Crema, Capital One Café, Grumpy, and Pasion del Cielo there is a nice variety of teas for those who are opting for a more herbal pick-me-up and all three places will serve your beverage hot or cold.


Meanwhile, at Threefold Cafe, perhaps best known for their signature coffee beverages like flat whites and Chemex, the tea menu shouldn’t be ignored. Their tea menu is provided by local tea experts JoJo Tea, whose name you might recognize from the finest restaurants around town. Pick from herbal teas like peppermint, Wynwood Blend or Zak’s Blend (named for Zak from Zak the Baker) or get a bit of caffeine from the black, green or oolong teas.


At Chocolate Fashion, well, let’s be honest, you’re likely there for a chocolatey treat. Pair your pastry or lunch with a hot or iced tea or one of the San Benedetto teas available in Lemon, Peach and Green flavors. This Italian import is quite popular in Europe and a refreshing tea to enjoy all year round in sunny Coral Gables.

Granier Bakery on Ponce de Leon Boulevard serves teas from Novell, a Spanish company, to be sipped alongside their pastries, omelets, sandwiches, empanadas and other bakery favorites.