Spice up your Home Office with Downtown Coral Gables

Working from home has been something new for many of us. For some, you may find yourself finally utilizing that spare room in your home as your new office for working quietly and getting things done. For others the family-room kitchen table has taken on a whole new definition of the word “multi-purpose”. Wherever you are your work station needs to work for you. Whether you’re working from a desk, the kitchen table, your couch, or even your backyard hammock, here are a few tips and tricks, along with the help of your trusted Downtown Coral Gables businesses, to help you spice up your new home office!

By now everyone’s heard that the best thing to do when working from home is to find a designated space where you can focus all of your attention to the job at hand. Now, as that may sound simple for most, when you establish that new space it might not give you those focus vibes you were going for. That’s where Barnes and Noble comes in. This popular book store offers everything from journals and note pads, to fun pens and organization tools that will quickly transform your boring ol’ space into a the productive nook you were hoping for. With the right tools around you you’ll be more likely to treat that area as a place for taking your work seriously and accomplishing your tasks efficiently.

The key to having a successful home office is in making sure you have the best station possible. A great chair can make or break your flow when hard at work. Eliminate those unwanted stressors and trust the pros at Relax the Back! Relax The Back is the master in comfortable office chairs and work stations so your body and mind can do it’s best work yet. With a wide selection of world-class office chairs, executive chairs, standing and rolling desks, back cushions, monitor extenders, and foot-rests, you’ll be on cloud 9. Working at home is better when you’re taking care of your body in the process.

When you’re using your phone and computer all day long, and probably a lot more than usual, you’ll need backup. Charge up and be ready for every zoom meeting, conference call, and even working on that grocery run with accessories by Metro by T-Mobile! From phone chargers and headphones to grip-mounts and speakers, order online and they’ve got all the tech you’ll need to make working from home happen. Bonus points if you can get work done and have your child’s video game or home-school tech charged up and ready to go too!

Of course, work necessities are good to have but having a stylish work place with some fun personalized items are nice to have at the home office too. Enter The Golden Triangle with their cozy scented candles, Violetas Home Design with their stunning office decor, and of course you’ve gotta have a little library from Books and Books to take your mind off of work during those mini-breaks. Having a productive and happy work space trumps a sad and boring one any day. Stumped on how to freshen things up? Channel your local WeWork Ponce for inspo! Their cool millennial style is both artistic and practical.

And finally, for our last tip, what is working from home without some mental peace? Keeping your work and home life separate can be a challenge for many but rest assured it’s never impossible. Take a few pointers from the health and wellbeing expert Paty Mariposa of Mariposa Holistic Healing. Focus on good and positive things, and take care of your mind, body and soul. Do yourself some good and order yourself a box of your favorite tea from Small Tea Co. or send yourself a new top or stylish work blazer from any of our Downtown Coral Gables boutiques offering Online Shopping from home. Reduce your stress and create more time for date night, or storytime with your kids and let Rey’s Cleaners take care of laundry for you. Listen to your body and be kind to yourself. Add “me time” to your to-do list and clock in some virtual workout time to feel good.

Working from home can be new and different for some or most people but it doesn’t have to be a drab. Enjoy all the ways Downtown Coral Gables is here for you and let’s get through this together!