Storefront Wonderland in Downtown Coral Gables

Downtown Coral Gables businesses have brought some special decorations to their storefronts this holiday season. From ornaments to garland and more, Downtown has been adorned with holiday cheer for all to enjoy. And we all know with holiday decorating comes some friendly competition. So this year, Shop Coral Gables hosted a fun storefront contest to award the best window displays. We’re happy to announce the winners!

The contest was judged under different categories to best evaluate the contestants. We curated a select group of judges from the design and creative fields. They anonymously visited each participant and graded them according to the following guidelines: General Presentation, Workmanship, and Originality.

In the Retail category, congratulations to Razzle Dazzle for the most all-out classic Christmas décor we’ve ever seen. Garland, lights, ribbon, you name it, they had it! Their storefront is definitely a jolt of Christmas and one you cannot leave the Downtown without seeing. Catch them at 241 Miracle Mile and get a haircut or clean shave while you’re there.

Up next in the Food and Beverage category, congrats to Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant! Their beautiful Christmas nativity scene brings you that warm fuzzy feeling of the true meaning of Christmas and the details of it all will surely have your nose pressed up to the glass to get a perfect look. If you’re looking to share a warm family meal this holiday season, Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant is a great place for Spanish food and precious family time. Find them at 339 Miracle Mile.

Last but certainly not least, we have Ella Bella Rozio taking it home in the Bridal category. Their stunning window displays present their magical holiday gowns in designs and fabrics so rich and special you can’t help but slow down from your speedy holiday shopping to soak it in as you pass by their 246 Miracle Mile shop. Every sparkle is enchanting and instantly takes you back to those special holiday parties where you dressed your best. If you haven’t had the chance to shop for yourself this season and are looking for the perfect gown, we invite you shop their store or have their incredible fashion couture team build you the perfect dress.

We’d like to thank all of the storefront window contest participants! We appreciate the level of work every business put into their storefront to make our downtown sparkle this holiday season.

All in all, whatever feels like the holidays to you can be found here in Downtown Coral Gables.