Summer Cocktails in Coral Gables

There’s been a heatwave across the whole country. Let’s toast to cooling down with a cocktail in Downtown Coral Gables.

The options are endless, but we’ve put together a quick list of our top ten favorite specialty cocktails, prepared by the area’s top bartenders and mixologists, that you can find in Coral Gables this summer. Each cocktail has been picked for their unique refreshing notes like fresh fruit and herbs or bright citrus. Luckily, these drinks are sticking around after summer because we all know it is summer all year round here in South Florida.

Ad Lib’s Tangiers Cocktail

1. Ad Lib – Tangiers Cocktail

Cozy up to the cool marble bar at Ad Lib and order a Tangiers Cocktail. Made with Tequila, Aperol, Fresh Lime, Tangerine and Agave the cocktail is the orange hue the sky turns during a beautiful summer sunset – added perk? It’s on the happy hour menu available Tuesday – Saturday from 3:30 – 7 PM. Pair it with the Sweet Corn and Roasted Jalapeño Fritters for a creamy and spicy kick alongside this sweet and citrusy cocktail.

2. Doc B’s Restaurant and Bar – The “Beet”lejuice

Served over crushed ice, a nod to the iced summer treats of your youth, this cocktail is made with gin, all organic beet juice, mint, and lemon. It’s a bit like a beet lemonade spiked with gin, which sounds perfect on a sticky summer night.

3. Bulla Gastrobar – Bougie Palmer

There’s nothing better than an Arnold Palmer on a hot summer day – except maybe a spiked Arnold Palmer or a Bougie Palmer at Bulla. The Bougie Palmer comes with Tito’s vodka, lemon, lavender syrup, and peach oolong tea. Order a tabla mix of Spanish cheeses and cured meats with olives and sip your delicious take on a classic summer favorite.

Benihana’s Haiku Colada

4. Benihana – Haiku Colada

You may be surprised that a frozen tropical cocktail is on the menu at Benihana. A Haiku Colada is not the most obvious pairing with your teppanyaki but one look at the Malibu Rum, pineapple and coconut cocktail with a strawberry swirl and you’ll be coming back to get it on the hottest days.

5. Christy’s Restaurant – Watermelon Martini

When it’s bright and steamy out, even as early evening rolls around, the dark, classic steakhouse atmosphere at Christy’s is a refreshing change. Whether you’re sitting at the bar or have a reservation for a sumptuous meal, the Watermelon Martini, mixed with fresh watermelon juice and lime, is a perfect choice. We have a feeling it would be great with the Tuna Tartare for a lighter take on their classic fare.

6. Copper 29 – Guava Bloom

For a fruity, sweet cocktail, rum is the right spirit. Go with the Guava Bloom at Copper 29, where the mixologists have crafted a menu of cocktails that are right for any mood. The serrano leche de tigre in the Ceviche Blanco should cut the sweetness a bit for a pairing that feels perfect for August, September and beyond.

7. Graziano’s – Fernet Me Not!

Try something totally different at Graziano’s Bar. Step into summer in Buenos Aires (during winter!) and try the Fernet Me Not! A fruity take on the bitter, aromatic spirit. In this cocktail, it’s mixed with Fernet Branca, pineapple and rosemary shrub and topped with blood orange soda. Get something from the grill for a delicious meal that brings together the classic flavors of summer BBQ together with the Argentine expertise when cooking with fire.

Flemming’s Bourbon Experience

8. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar – Bourbon Experience

Bourbon might seem like a cold-weather spirit at first, but you’d be missing out if you skipped it altogether in the warmest months of the year. Sip a selection of bourbons from America’s Kentucky Bourbon Trail and learn a bit about the classic American beverage when you select the whiskey tasting experience at Fleming’s, perfect for a date night or something memorable to do with a friend.

9. KAO Sushi & Grill – Wasabi Martini

They say you don’t fight fire with fire, but you should try and beat the heat with more heat. On a hot summer day, order the Wasabi Martini from KAO Sushi & Grill. Go all in and get grilled octopus of a New York steak or try something totally district like the Cream Cheese Roll, a hearts of palm, salmon, tamago and cream cheese roll topped with crushed almond praline.

10. Mara Basque Cuisine and Lounge – Sangria

It’s worth including something a bit lighter on this list if you’re looking to chill out and have a nice long summer meal the way the Spaniards do, order the Sangria de Tinto and the Sangria de Cava.