The Art of Decorating your Home


Written by Patricia Anton of Violetas Coral Gables (221 Miracle Mile)


My view of home décor is based upon the fact that home is the most important place that our lives revolve around. This is where our loved ones live. And we all want our homes to be not just comfortable but also beautiful. Adding small touches here and there can add a lot of beauty to a home, not just so that is pleasant to you and everyone else who lives in it, but also so that it pleases family and friends when they happen to come over.

Living beautifully should be effortless. We bring curated collections in the worlds of beauty, fashion accessories, and home décor. And our collections change as often as I am inspired by unrivaled and originally, distinctive new lines. Every week, you will find new pieces.

Violetas is all about being an inspiration for the home, furnishing new homes, redesigning existing homes, upgrading a living room or a bedroom, improving living areas, so that our customers relax in style…their style…

I’m a huge advocate of eclecticism and love combining different motifs, materials and colors. I also love adding a measure of detail, to ensure there’s always something of interest, no matter where the eye gravitates. Spaces need to have their own soul. And that’s our differentiator.

When you visit Violetas, take a good look around and imagine how you can make every big and small space in your home stand out more with home decor options such as impressive paintings, elegant vases, lovely furniture, and more.

Remember how excited you were to move into your new home when you first did so? It’s a great feeling, but it goes away as the years go by. One of the best ways that you can feel that way about your home again is to give it a new look by redecorating!

And now that people are spending a lot more time at home, redecorating in a way that truly stands out will help you to feel inspired, to make it easy to relax, and to do so anywhere in your home.

Whether it’s adding some beautiful art pieces to your walls, decorating areas with lovely candles that are themselves art pieces, adding the element of artistic design and quality craftsmanship and innovation into pillows and textured wallpapers, books and mementos, objects of affection, eccentric furniture designs, stools, armchairs, glass tables, patterned tableware, lighting, mounted crystals—all bring character, your character, to a living space.  Mirrors make the areas look bigger and gives depth to the space. Rugs are more important than what people may think, and the size should be always covering the whole area of the living room.

Accent corners! I love the idea of having a bar cart decorated.

From a stylistic perspective, it’s about having a balance between symmetry and asymmetry to the areas. For example, if one table is round, the other should be square, don’t be boring having all tables same shape.

You’ll be amazed to see how these simple home décor changes will add to your home’s warmth and character, how they can change the look and feel of your home.

And think about how long you have been in your current home. Have you had your home furniture just as long, or perhaps even longer? Since you see your furniture day in and day out, you don’t even realize how it slowly begins to become worn down and faded.

And when it comes to furniture, there are so many new styles to choose from. And you’ll find them at Violetas!

At Violetas, we make easy for you to express your creativity. And your house has to have your touch! Your personality has to be shown in your home. That’s how you transform a house into a home!

It’s about curation, telling a story…even if you have an interior designer, your home should have your essence, you should feel it is your home.


Violetas is a luxury home décor and gift store, a trend setter and one of the leading luxury home décor stores in all of South Florida.

  • …featuring a wide range of versatile, interior style collections, showstopper accent pieces that no one else will have.  Always buzzing with fresh finds, furniture and accents to complete any room, trend-forward modern, high quality designs to bring fresh energy into a space, drawing the eye without overpowering the rest of your decor.
  • …from 50+ vendors in Europe, Asia and South America, from all around the world.

 PLUS, interior designer favorites, the world’s top brands, from chic to inspired, a collection of unique, eye-catching décor pieces curated by Patricia Anton–

  • From high design and ultra-luxury to affordable, elevated décor, with prices ranging from a $30 gift to a chandelier for $60,000. 
  • Violetas also offers complimentary interior design services.
  • Violetas offers interior designers the highest designer discounts, timely deliveries, free home delivery and favorable return policies.
  • Violetas offers new brides bridal registries and special bridal discounts, working within your budget with great design, delivery, all at best prices.


Her list of top home decor brands symbolizes the finer things in life– the ultimate in quality, class and affordability, creating a look which is equal parts luxury collections, one part modest in styling, sophisticated and welcomingly aesthetic, that include:

  • Baccarat Crystal, one of the leading French manufacturers of fine crystal glassware located in Baccarat, France, VIOLETAS is the only partner of Baccarat in the United States.
  • L-Objet—Violetas’ vibrant and charming tableware make laying the table an event as important as the dinner itself.
  • Aerin, Estée Lauder’s granddaughter, New York socialite and longtime cosmetics businesswoman, with her lifestyle brand with pretty home accessories inspired by her childhood years in Vienna, her love of art and a chic style sensibility. Tried and true vases, jewelry boxes, trays and photo frames, designs reimagined each season in beautiful new finishes and hues.
  • FORNASETTI, the Italian painter, sculptor, and engraver—Piero Fornasetti, the luxury designer atelier, with his countless designs for his collection of tableware and home décor creations in ceramic, living, home fragrance, accessories and fashion. Violetas, along with Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York, are one of a handful of retailers that carry the 20th century Italian designer Piero Fornasetti. You can see some of the 350 interpretations of the face of the same woman wearing the same expression on ceramic plates in our Fornasetti Room.
  • Cole & Son Wallpapers, the leading British wallpaper creators of wallpapers set to inspire the imagination and animate the world of interiors.
  • Michael Aram, artist maker of luxury and trendy homeware, an American brand with so much soul that appeals to the modern interior design enthusiast—from handcrafted metal serve ware to moody and inspired vases;
  • LLADRÓ…their most contemporary creations express their art through handmade porcelain. And every year, Violetas invites one of their eight young artists from Valencia, Spain to design one-of-a-kind pieces for its customers.
  • Candle Room: Candles are such an important part of our home décor line, we have an entire room devoted to candles. We enclose an image for you to see. The main brands that we carry are Baobab, Cire Trudon, Fornasetti, Lafco, L’Objet, Lladro, Maison Berger, Max Benjamin and Nest
  • Little Violetas: Little Violetas “shop-in-shop” was the creation of my daughter-in-law, Estefania Pere, and is yet one further move to expand the unique product lines of our customers. It has been met with warm reception. We even have same day gift basket delivery for newborns.