The Best Vegan Dishes in Coral Gables

Vegans, rejoice. Coral Gables is a very vegan-friendly neighborhood, our eateries are happy to recommend the right dish to suit your vegan palate. These are a few of our favorite vegetable-forward dishes from local restaurants and cafes, but by no means is it a comprehensive list, this is just the tip of the iceberg, the dairy-free frosting on the cake:

Coyo Taco

If your imagination stops at a steak or ground beef when you think about tacos, you’re in for a surprise at Coyo Taco where traditional flavors meet exciting new combinations like the “Coliflor” a cauliflower taco with pipian mole, pickled onions and cilantro – hold the queso fresco. The “Hongos” is another options, it comes with “huitlacoche, seasonal mushrooms, and epazote” (ask for it without the queso cotija) if you don’t know what that all that means, it’s all vegan, draws from specialty flavors of Mexico and is best enjoyed rather than described.

Miss Saigon

Vietnamese food is very vegetable-forward – it’s all about the herbs and the sauces – so it’s no surprise that there’s a delightful array of options available for vegans at Miss Saigon on Giralda. The Buddha’s Delight, a lightly fried tofu dish with vegetables, is a local favorite.

Books & Books

Books & Books is beloved for their nearly-nightly author’s events, their amazing array of books for children and adults and their very vegan-friendly café menu. Avocado toast, shakshuka (made with chickpeas), wild mushroom stir fry and a farro bowl topped with roasted veggies are a few of your options along with almond milk coffee beverages and vegan confections for dessert.

Doc B’s

A burger craving is a real thing for carnivores and vegans alike. The “All Green Burger” (no cheese, please) from Doc B’s is a filling, satisfying option made with green rice and kale blend. If a burger isn’t your mood right now, try the Wok Out Bowl with tofu or the California Salad. Of course, all the drinks on their famous happy hour menu are vegan too.


If it’s superfoods your after, maybe you’re fueling up for an evening workout class at a nearby studio or keeping it light during a mid-workday lunch, the salad selection at Tap42 is a can’t miss. With a minor modification, it’s a great way to get your veg on and stock up on nutrients from healthy ingredients like macadamia nuts, brussel sprouts, avocado, and mandarin oranges.

Dr. Smood

Vegans are welcoming Dr. Smood to Coral Gables with open arms! This health focuses and very stylish new spot on Giralda may be familiar, there are locations in Wynwood, Brickell, and South Miami. The vegan sandwich, with avocado, hummus, spinach, tomato, and pesto is divine as is the more unusual sandwich with oyster mushrooms and jackfruit. Try the Spicy Eggplant Jerky for a quick bite on the go. The soups are usually vegan and there’s always a dessert to end your meal with something sweet – and vegan.

Carrot Express

If you’re having a busy day and need something quick, a no-brainer menu where you won’t have to hunt for a vegan option, check out Carrot Express where the acai bowls, salads avocado toasts, protein bowls and all let you keep it vegan and enjoy a healthy, stress-free meal.

Izakaya Japanese Restaurant

The Japanese way of eating is called ichijuusansai – it means one soup and three side dishes. At Izakaya, it’s easy to round out a vegan meal with this method of ordering. There are more than a dozen interesting options for vegan from their small plates and sushi menu, including vegetable rolls, soba or udon noodles, bok choy and tofu, tea poured over rice, soybeans in a spicy sauce, seaweed salad, Japanese style picked items and more.