Virtual Workouts Offered by Downtown Coral Gables Gyms and Fitness Centers

If COVID-19 is putting a damp on your regular workout schedule have no fear. The gyms and fitness centers of Downtown Coral Gables have come up with creative ways to help bring you their daily workouts at home! If you workout often or are now adopting fitness into your life as a pastime and want to make your at-home time more productive, then here are all the businesses bringing their workouts to you!

Legacy Fit is hosting live daily Instagram workouts for their workout of the day. Catch it live in the mornings or visit their page to watch their recording and get fit on your own time. Keep in mind each day is a new workout and Instagram stories stay visible for up to 24 hours. Catch the workout of the day before it’s gone!

Burn Boot Camp is offering virtual workout classes every day for their members and also keeping you accountable with a weekly accountability chart. Just because you can’t meet up with your coach doesn’t mean they’re not there for you. No screen can you two apart! Stay connected and ready to feel the burn through their Facebook group page here. They’re accepting requests into the group all day long.

Orange Theory is helping you start every day strong with your next 30-minutes at home workout. No need to grab anything heavy. These at home workouts are designed to challenge your upper body strength, focus on moving slowly to get the most out of your core exercises, and so much more. Orange Theory brings you a complete heart-based interval training workout to strengthen your heart and burn some calories! Find their workouts here.

9Round is offering members only access to daily workouts online with a member portal. Each 9Round class is focused on kickboxing moves that help you burn and shed fat to be the best fighter you can be. Fight the sluggish feeling at home and knock out those 30 minutes workouts from anywhere.

Pilates ProWorks is taking the love of pilates home with private online zoom classes. Just a mat, water bottle and a screen to connect with other classmates are helping these pilates pros sculpt and tighten their bodies while out of the studio. Want in on the classes? Email owner Summer at Summer@pilatesproworks.com. Sign up for a virtual class and buy a single class, 5 Pack or 10 Pack. Their schedule will grow with demand so pre-register for class and let them know what times you want.

Pilates Strong Studio isn’t taking staying “no pilates” for an answer. Whether you’re at home or using your backyard for some fresh air, catch an Instagram live pilates class with Nancy in the mornings on their Instagram page! Just watch their free live Instagram story and learn what mat pilates can do for you during this time of staying in and waiting for this virus to pass. Share how you’re staying #PilatesStrong on social media along with others pilates lovers.

Club Pilates is gathering on Facebook Live to bring you a complete full body pilates workout you’ll be so glad you did. Kick out any obstacles in your way and make your daily pilates workout happen on Facebook Live! Find tips and tricks on their Instagram page and check their Facebook event page for more live class times to best fit your now very different schedule.

TruFusion flow must go on! TruFusion is always ready to feel the burn no matter what! In your home gym or in your make-shift living room these classes are bringing you a workout to really feel the burn and keep that body going! Check out their Instagram story every morning for a fall day of classes and check your email for member only access to their online classes. They’re not stopping the flow and they’re in this together. They don’t call themselves the #TruTribe for nothin’!

The gyms and fitness centers of Downtown Coral Gables are here for you! There’s no excuse to put off your weight loss goals now. Turn your home into a virtual boot camp today.