Welcome Miami Alkaline Water!

Miami Alkaline Water celebrated their opening with a ribbon cutting and a grand opening party. The city attended the ribbon cutting and Mayor Vince Lago was in attendance to help welcome the store to the City Beautiful.

“We can’t thank the Coral Gables community enough”, says Omar Campos. “Everyone has been so welcoming in this beautiful city.  We can’t wait to share our water experience with this wonderful town.”

The ribbon cutting was followed by an exciting grand opening party, where over 100 people attended the private event to learn the benefits of alkaline water.

Mayor Vince Lago attended (pictured above, right).

Jill Hornik, of Jae’s Jewelers and the President of Business Improvement District of Downtown Coral Gables, is spotted above (center)

Did you know that water composes around 60% of our body? Living in Florida, it is essential to keep our bodies functioning properly and feeling healthy for optimum wellness by drinking plenty of water.

Alkaline water is rich in calcium, silica, potassium and magnesium. The human body has a natural pH scale that balance acidic and alkaline levels. Because we have too much acidity in our lives (think coffee, fast food, fried goods), alkaline water has been thought to balance things out by increasing hydration levels, immunity, oxygen levels and disease prevention.

Miami Alkaline Water is a division of Aquamundo. Having operations in Texas, Miami Alkaline Water was created to serve the people of South Florida with an alternate water, one that is clean in a world of contaminated water.

Miami Alkaline Water showcases four different types of alkaline water and boasts a full water bar for taste testing. Enjoy bottled waters available for purchase in store in store or they also offer home solutions, including solar, generators, and home and office water filtration systems.

For more information about benefits of alkaline water and how Miami Alkaline Water can help you, visit their website online.  Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Located at 68 Miracle Mile.