Where To Take Out-Of-Towners In Coral Gables, Pt. 2

Here’s the second part of our guide for the best spots to take out-of-towners in Coral Gables – because there was no way that we would be able to fit all our recommendations into one guide or really even two, but here’s a continuation of.

For visitors, Coral Gables is the perfect glimpse into a slice-of-life as a local in Miami. The residential area’s lush foliage and unique architecture is a must-see for visitors to experience our bit of tropical paradise, but life in Coral Gables centers around the Downtown area.

A crop of talented makers, curators and craftspeople, some old, some new, some with edible confections and other with design-savvy goods, call Downtown Coral Gables the home for their business. Here is a short list highlighting some of the many quality businesses that would wow your guest over a weekend in Coral Gables:

Bridal Shopping – Where to Go Before Your “I Do’s”

For your engaged friends and family, a trip to Miracle Mile and Downtown Coral Gables is a shopping-must. Invite your bride-to-be to shop along this historic bridal shopping district with an unparalleled cluster of bridal shops that make it easy to find everything from your dress and tuxedo to accessories, invitations, and bridal party wear.

Be on the lookout for the opening of the new Pronovias boutique on Miracle Mile. This high-end Spanish designer has an international following of chic brides and this new flagship boutique is sure to be a fabulous addition to Coral Gables’ already world-famous bridal boutique selection. 360 Miracle Mile

Delicatessen Patagonia – A Quick Taste of Argentina

There is a lot to do in Coral Gables. If you don’t have time for a leisurely lunch, you’ll find plenty of great quick options in Downtown Coral Gables. Travel all the way to Argentina with a stroll into Delicatessen Patagonia where all the classic options like an array of empanadas, arepas, hot sandwiches and light miga sandwiches are available. Check out the market for an impressive selection of Argentine wines to toast to. 244 Miracle Mile

Nerio Camargo Lash, Brow & Makeup Bar – Your Vacation Pick-Me-Up

Get gussied up at Nerio Camargo Lash, Brow & Makeup Bar. If your guest has a special event or just a night out on the town that they want to feel great for, send them over to the experts at this eyelash, makeup and eyebrow salon. On Mondays through Thursdays they offer a $70 makeup special (including false lashes!). Fill them in on the occasion and your style and preferences and they’ll work with you on a beauty look that brings out the most beautiful you. 57 Miracle Mile

WaterBiking Studio – An Unforgettable Underwater Workout Experience

Coral Gables is a fitness fiend’s paradise – there’s an endless number of yoga, pilates, boxing, bootcamp, cardio classes and more all within walking distance. If your guest has tried it all out and is looking for something totally new, recommend a workout at South Florida’s first water biking studio. This high intensity, low-impact workout is a great way to burn through those indulgent vacation meals and the water-based workout means you’re less likely to be sore the next day so that your guest can continue to enjoy Coral Gables and all it has to offer. 59 Merrick Way

Manolo Doreste – In Focus Studios – Better Than Those Vacation Selfies

An old fashioned family portrait is a lovely way to capture a moment in time. If you have a family, or maybe a couple celebrating an anniversary or moments occasion, recommend that they contact the talented photo professionals at Manolo Doreste for a portrait session. It’s a unique way to spend a day while on vacation and a special way to remember your time in Coral Gables. 320 Miracle Mile, #203

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