Wine-Centric Spots of Downtown Coral Gables

The laid back spirit of afterwork drinks and the European culture of long dinners with quality wine and food that keep coming is alive and well in Coral Gables. If you’re a wine lover looking for that perfect glass of red or a light fish dinner with a crisp white, you’ll find the Coral Gables culinary community to be full of fellow aficionados to provide you with the perfect pairing.

Read on for more about a few of Coral Gables’ wine-centric spots: Books & Books, Cibo, Uvaggio and Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe:

Books & Books

Nothing pairs better with a book than a good glass of wine. That’s why our neighborhood culture and literary arbiters over at Books & Books serve a lovely selection of wine seven days

a week. Sit inside or gather around the outdoor wine bar, right at the entrance to this veritable neighborhood institution, for a glass of wine paired with something from their newly

revamped food menu.

On Wednesdays, bottles of wine are all 50% off for Wine Down Wednesdays, the perfect way to get through the middle of the week and pick up your next weekend read.

Cibo Wine Bar

Italy is said to be one of the oldest wine producers in the world and it’s the largest producer of wine in the world today. At Cibo, you can pair the very best of Italian wines with the very best Italian foods the way they have in Italy since 800 BC.

The menu and the space itself are blends of modern and traditional, old and new, inventive and classic. Where else will they take you into their wine vault where a “wine angel” flies across the room? Suspended mid-air by a hydraulic system, the “wine angel” retrieves your choice which is kept at the perfect temperature for that specific bottle.

The wine menu is more than ten pages long and sorted by country and region. There is also a very substantial amount of wines available by the glass so that you can experience a range of styles and flavors. Select the perfect pair for your meal from Argentina’s Mendoza, France’s Burgundy, Spain’s Rioja or a domestic choice from California or Oregon. Then, of course, there are the Italian wines, from regions including Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Campania, Piémonte, Venice and more.

Happy hour is seven days a week and a variety of wines by the bottle and glass are 50% off.

Uvaggio Wine Bar

Uvaggio is an experience that is totally distinct in Coral Gables, and, perhaps all of Miami. The restaurant and wine bar takes its cues more from owner Craig DeWald’s years in New York, London and traveling through Europe. The concept was to create a space in Coral Gables to gather and connect over good food and good wine. The communal seating is designed to spark conversations between your group and your neighbors, it’s a comfortable, low key vibe, designed for you to spend time, unplug a bit and taste something new.

“We offer wines that are a little bit more off the beaten path, wines that people may not necessarily be familiar with – and that’s the fun of coming in,” says DeWald. Let yourself be surprised by wines from Lebanon, Germany, Austria alongside the Italian, Spanish and French wines that including a wider array of varietals. “Our philosophy towards wine is to make it very accessible and not pretentious, have some fun with it,” he explains.

The staff of trained sommeliers is there to answer questions and they’re always prepared with a backstory on the wine. At Uvaggio, they’re hoping for you to ask questions, “We invite people to have questions, people like to come here because they enjoy wine and they don’t feel bad for asking what they think is a silly question in another restaurant,” says DeWeld, a sommelier himself.

DeWeld picked the name Uvaggio, meaning “to mix or blend” in Italian. “The name is about wine, obviously, but I picked it specifically because it’s about mixing or blending in the community.”

Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe

Ask any wine aficionado in the area about where they go to buy their wines and you’ll hear one clear and resounding answer – Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe. This wine shop celebrates the wines of small independent producers, small family growers like husband and wife teams, quality over quality, and the artistry of international wine makers.

Jeffrey Wolfe has been running and working in the shop for 18 years. The personalized service at this independent retailer is unparalleled; it’s an old school retail experience in the best way possible, where the owner of the shop is on site most of the time to introduce you to a product he is passionate about. Jeffrey will listen to what you like in order to find the perfect pairing, in both taste and price, for you. You’ll be benefiting from the personal relationship that the Wolfe family has cultivated with their winemakers over the years.

Stop by for one of their regular tastings every Friday night. This casual and informative environment is the perfect way to experience a deeper understanding of wine. For $20 per person, you’ll try up to ten wines from a glass that you can take home with you paired with some light bites and, of course, you’ll leave with an education in the tasting and history of the wines that you’re sampling.

Right now, Jeffrey is excited about a Riesling from Pfalz, Gremany called Brand that comes in a liter bottle with a screw cap. It’s the perfect summer natural wine; it’s bright, citrusy, limey, tropical, and refreshing, perfect for the beach and is just $20.

If you’re looking to try wines outside the mainstream, expand your profiles of your favorite varietal, shop by mood or occasion, dabble in natural wines, even have your wines delivered to your house for at your convenience, Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe will take care of you.